Related Sites We Like

In order to try to keep the right sidebar clutter free we’ve decide to put the “blogroll” up here.


New Church Thought. (Malcolm Smith’s Blog. He keeps track of anything to do with the New Church that interests him. Sermons, quotations, activities, etc. Good way to keep up with the New Church Jones’)

Use of Resources:

Triplepundit. (A team of writers who pursue sustainable and ethical business news. Social entreprenuers, renewable energy, pleasant work environments – its all there).

Ecolabelling. (A site that helps you understand the wide range of quality assurance labels for anything eco-related)

Save Our Land, Save Our Towns. Website of Pulitzer Prize winning author and speaker, Tom Hylton. He has a wonderfuly humble manner, and clear vision of how to improve community and land use and some excellent articles on related subjects.


Loving Arms Mission. (is a small organization which seeks to provide financial support for high quality, family-like care for orphans in Kenya and Nepal).


Ludwig von Mises Institute. “Advancing the scholarship of liberty in the tradition of the Austrian School.” Articles and other media on the advantages of the free market. This site has an academic and economic focus rather than being specifically political.


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