Subjects Under Discussion

You might as easily find our subjects of interest at the bottom under (categories) or at the right under (Why are You Here?). You can also find specific topics from posts on the right under (Talking About…). But for the sake of convenience and redundancy we will offer a list of our major themes. (We might even include hyperlinks eventually).

Religion (Ministry, Truth, World Religions, Atheism, and stuff)

Family (Ideas about marriage and parenting, how to be an excellent spouse, how to raise exceptional children)

Health (all things related to the health of mind, body and spirit. We wonder about it so we’ll share our thoughts on diet, nutritian, physical therapy, depression and anything else that comes to mind)

Material Stuff (how to save it, use it, share it, defend it and so forth. We like to think about law, government, energy usage, agriculture, investing, currency and stuff about stuff)

Community Building (not sure if this deserves to be a separate category. It could fit under any of the other subjects in its own way. But it also sort of stands alone. Probably means it will end up lonely)

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