Posted by: janineplusbrianequals | August 15, 2010

Love is Silly

This summer, on the little suburban blocks around our house we had a mild infestation of young love. Two kids, maybe age fourteen, wander along together, oblivious of the world around them. The girl is blonde, mournful and about three inches taller than her boy. He is slight, attentive and wears his hair and clothes like Justin Beiber. The pair sits on different street corners for hours at a time. Sometimes they migrate slowly to the next corner, holding hands as they go.

Last night the strip of grass along our curbside was blessed with their infatuated presence for about 20 minutes while we were eating dinner. Kai, Janine and I all peered out our window as we sat at the dinner table watching the spectacle. The endless sitting and talking was punctuated by a moment of action when the boy stood up and akwardly leaned over to offer a sideways hug of comfort. Finally, after more talking, the time to leave arrived. Again the boy stood, moved to her side and ungracefully offered a hand while trying to lift her to her feet with a his other hand under her arm. And then they shuffled off, hand in hand, down the street.

There was no moment of out loud laughter, but for the three spectators watching from the window, the whole scene was filled with mirth and interest. What could possibly be so enthralling to the two of them? The awkwardly offered hand-up for a fourteen year old girl who could have flipped to her feet reminded me of the times I’ve seen old men, noticibly less able than their elderly wives, hoble around a table to yank out a chair the lady could have more easily managed by herself.

Love is a silly thing.



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