Posted by: janineplusbrianequals | November 2, 2009

Vertical Villages – Painting the picture. (part 3).

Picture living in one of these Vertical Villages* (VV).

Your office is 40 miles away and on the days you don’t telecommute it is cheaper and faster to take the bus.  Sometimes for fun or when you have a client to see you’ll rent time on one of the Porsches but usually the bus can’t be beat. Even with its 5 stops at other VV’s it by-passes the usual traffic thanks to its designated high-speed bus lane. You come home the same way.

On your way up to your floor you grab your mail, stop in at the Giant for some groceries and ask the concierge to book you several 4 wheelers for 8pm. Then chat to your “five-floors-down neighbor” on your way up the elevator. You get to talking and decide to stop with him at the 6th floor Starbucks. You part company after a laté and quickly drop off your groceries so that you can get a little time in at the gym and pool before getting dressed up for dinner.

Since you’re in a good mood you drop down two floors to buy some flowers for your wife. Since she works in the neighboring building in the play school she has no real commute time and has been home for a while, sitting in your “inside porch” talking with one of the next door neighbors in a common lounge space.

After a brief hello you head inside to get ready for dinner and say hi to the boys. This evening you’ve planned to go to dinner at the family’s favorite Tai place on the roof of the fifth building over in celebration of your younger son’s birthday. Following this you plan to take the whole family out to see the sunset on the top of the mountain.

It was worth paying the little extra for a vertical village spot so close to a mountain. Your family loves the atv ride out past the ball field, beyond the community gardens to the base of the mountain. Tonight however, you plan to take a detour past the new windmill fields, pleased to be enjoying the income from your share of the leased land. Then on up through the forest trails to the mountain lookout. What a wonderful place to live! Cheaper, cleaner, prettier, more amenities, fewer maintenance headaches, better community opportunities. Life after Toll Brothers is so much better!


* see earlier posts.



  1. Brian,

    I like your vision. It is part of an exciting future that would require more than VV’s.

    Even still, I have personal reservations. The other day I commented that VV’s weren’t something I had a positive reaction to. Because of this post, I have pegged down at least part of my reaction: privacy & personal space. I am a learned extrovert, but an introvert at heart. Time away and time apart, a place that is my own feels essential to a comfortable home. Admittedly, tightly packed suburban homes are only marginally better.

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