Posted by: janineplusbrianequals | November 1, 2009

uh oh! (“poetry”)

Since my readership has declined on brilliant and relevant environmental postings (which even include pictures!) I have turned to poetry in a a desperate attempt to retain readers.

Tramping Tigers is a response to Blake’s,  “The Tiger” in Songs of Experience. (Hopefully my readership will pick up before I am forced to also respond to “The Lamb“).

Tramping Tigers

Untamed Tigers tramping about.

Unsteady Toddlers, tantrum and shout.

Ungrateful Teens, prance and pout.

Unkept Youths, wander and doubt.

Untamed Tigers tramping about.

Unkept Adults, grumpy and stout.

Ungrateful Seniors with illness bout.

Unsteady Age-ed on their way out.

Untamed Tigers tramping about.


Pardon the layout because I don’t know how to use wordpress. Pardon the punctuation because I never learned.



  1. Well, this readership is quite pleased.
    I like the parallels of “ungrateful” teens and seniors, and “unsteady” toddlers and Age-ed.

    Captured well the angst of every age.
    Though I am stumped by the allusion to tigers… are we tigers? Why?

    • Well partly you’ll have to ask William Blake why we are tigers. I do think tigers work well to describe the disgruntled and restless side of people. Read “The Tiger” by Blake. He gives the impression of constant movement that stalks around and doesn’t get anywhere. I suppose a poem about Fat Frogs belching would speak to a different negative side of people.

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