Posted by: janineplusbrianequals | October 28, 2009

kids and monsters…(“Kaimonsters” for short)

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to scare little kids? (Maybe its just the effect I have on them).

Yesterday’s time spent with Kai (who has just recently passed the 2 mark) involved a whole bunch of chasing and smiling and throwing. Outside we chased each other through big piles of leaves, he would offer to carry my dress shoes and then throw them into the road.

Inside, once we managed to get his clothes off I had to chase him in order to put first his diapers and then his pajamas on as he bounced across our beds. He would throw pillows and bite the sheets.

After we finally had his pajamas on I would jump across the bed to catch and tackle him. He was smiling broadly, shrieking and obviously enjoying it. But then I noticed that he had this slightly nervous, crazy excitement in his eyes.

Even though I hadn’t been growling or making “angry” faces I asked him if Papa was a monster. He shrieked “yes!” with delight and fear in his eyes.

I wonder why.

I certainly remember this type of relationship with adults. Almost anything that was exciting was also a little scary. I don’t know whether I specifically invited my imaginings of monsters or whether they came automatically. Why do kids like to be chased? Are they early adrenaline junkies? Or maybe practicing to survive in the jungle?

Maybe Where the Wild Things Are will shed some light on the subject.




  1. I only vaguely remember that feeling, but it sure would be good to get it back later in life — oh wait, I AM being chased by the IRS

  2. I remember that feeling, and I see it in my nephews. Something I have noticed about their way of handling it is at first to run away and when they think they are about to be caught they turn around and hug you. At least most of my niecephews do. I don’t know their exact reasoning for it, but I wonder if it’s a feeling of “love will knock the scary out of them.”

    • “Love will knock the scary out of them.” Is that a quote, Alison?

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