Posted by: janineplusbrianequals | October 23, 2009

billion dollar challenge!


Most are probably familiar with BNL song “If I had a million dollars.” Well a million is good enough if you just want some play around money but not for our purposes here today! (Heck, you can’t even live off a mill these days).

No, a million is not enough, nor is 100 million. With a hundred million you could put all your friends and family up in style for the rest of their lives, but that doesn’t change the world.

I want you to picture that you had a billion dollars at your disposal. (Personally, I’m always drawn to 3 billion, but we’ll make do with a simple billion).

How would you make the world a better place? You can define and defend your concept of “a better place” but I want to hear something personal –  your plan for dealing with the issue that most presses on your mind.

Pitch your goal below in the comment lines. You may enter in one of the following two categories: For-profit or non-profit.

If you choose the for profit route, you need to include a plan for paying forward the principle within 15 years.

Once I have received enough* entries I will choose the winners based on my feelings of the moment.

I will then personally approach the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation on your behalf. In all likelyhood you will have your billion dollars of seed money within the month.


Humorous and/or brief entries are welcome. This is, after all, a joke. (But a joke that you can take seriously).

* If you have an awesome entry and are impatiently waiting to win the billion dollars, just encourage others to enter. The sooner we have enough entries, the sooner the judging will take place.



  1. So here’s one with possibly more details/versions to come. Category: For Profit.

    The poor and needy are the least of my concern. In fact i generally envy the light in their smiles. If money is to be used for the purpose of world peace and harmony, i propose an adventure travel company catering to the rich and powerful.
    -This proposed market demographic has already demonstrated that they care about money.
    -They suffer from chronic Affluenza, an emotionally degenerative disease
    -They may benefit from mentoring in simplicity, natural history (seek out hicks), spiritual evolution (seek out old happy people), and glee (children, of course)
    -Any life-affirming effect our services may have on their relationships, especially familial, will rapidly and powerfully translate ‘down’ through their vast spheres of influence.
    -The principle would be ‘paid forward’ by the clientele in the form (perhaps) of donations to their choice of charitable organizations. The operation itself would also be designed to turn a small profit to be invested in independent incubator funds in each locale where we travel.
    -Alternatively, each client may be invited to commit to the absolution of some debt they own. This would be done upon the completion of our services to their satisfaction.

    The essence of our service is to equip our clients with all the contacts, information, and resources to fulfill on their childhood dreams, as described in an initial assessment interview. We create an environment in which all that is required of them is pure action.

    ‘year of jubile’ – Hebrew Bible
    Ebenezer Scrooge – Charles Dickens

  2. This is too sweet.

    I’m seconding my dear older bro’s pro-po. In fact, I and my new bride to be may well be one of the rich and powerful clients.

    Brian and Janine, I love this site of yours. I’ve been continuing in meditation about what marriage the Lord is bringing to me and to all of us.

    Let your little light shine 😀

    Remember to tithe! (that could be a question in itself – how do you tithe 100 mil?)

    the Sheik

  3. Hey Brian,

    Not an entry for the billion dollars. Rather a complaint. Not good right?

    What the heck!?!?!? Do you take the weekends off? You don’t blog on Saturdays and Sundays? Well if that’s so, maybe you should advertise that in your blog title. Monday-Friday only.

    So I was mildly upset, but I feel better now… and I’m still your number one fan.


  4. Easy. $300 million for a huge, worldwide marketing campaign for the theological Writings for the New Church (McDonald’s spends $500-750 million), $700 million to help the publishers meet the demand. Goal: at least 2 billion people hear about the Writings. 1% of them actually decide to read one of the books, and of those, 10% get something useful out of what they read, and out of those 10% join the church. The church grows to 40 times its current size, and there are 2 million more people who have had their lives at least touched by the Writings. The spiritual state of the world improves.

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