Posted by: janineplusbrianequals | October 21, 2009

If we were cooler…

We aspire to be something like this Triplepundit…I’m not too familiar with their material yet but I love the idea of critical optimism searching for sustainable business practices.

They just ran an article about Firstsolar becoming the first full solar company to make it to the S&P 500. This seems exciting to me!

Yes, solar is still too expensive to compete with gas and coal and even wind on an even playing field, but solar companies with sales of 1.2 billion are finally in the range that can drive new research to come up with awesome solutions.

It also seems to me that conventional energy prices can only go up, even without Obama Admin interference in the market, renewables will move steadily towards the competitive mark, then they will really take off. (Or, in solar’s case, then it will finally start to shine).

A juicy statistic I read in National Geographic said that the sun hits the earth’s land with 120 000 terawatts of energy each year while human consumption is only expected to require 20 terawatts some time around 2030. Let’s go with the sun.




  1. Thanks for the kind words! Come by and join the conversation any time.

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