Posted by: janineplusbrianequals | October 20, 2009


Some people scoff at the self-esteem movement as being sissy and narcissistic. In many ways I think it is. However, I have been learning that denigration of self is not the only thing taught in the Heavenly Doctrines.

 Consider how evil spirits and angels respond to a person:

“…the influx of hell through evil spirits is forcible, and impetuous, striving to dominate; for such spirits breathe nothing but the utter subjugation of the man, so that he may be nothing, and that they may be everything; and when they are everything the man is one of them, and scarcely even that, for in their eyes he is a mere nobody(AC 905).

Hell wants us to be and feel like nothing. But look what heaven wants…

“…when the man has been liberated, that is, regenerated, he, through the ministry of angels, is led by the Lord so gently that there is nothing whatever of yoke or of dominion, for he is led by means of his delights and his happinesses, and is loved and esteemed” (AC 905).

Heaven esteems a person and hell wants to make him into nothing. It seems to be an oversimplification to denegrate self – in fact, maybe we should esteem self…

My yoke is easy, and My burden is light (Matt. 11:30)



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